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Community Goals

The FOMS participants discussed key issues that open media systems are facing in the current environment:

  1. Patent and legal issues around codecs
  2. Ogg in Firefox: liboggplay
  3. Authoring tools for open media codecs
  4. Server Technology for open media
  5. Time-aligned text and accessibility challenges
  6. FFmpeg challenges
  7. GStreamer challenges
  8. Dirac challenges
  9. Jack challenges
  10. OpenMAX challenges

The following short-term goals were agreed on:

  • Patents:
    • OpenMediaNow is the right container for this effort
    • Harass Mozilla, Google, Xiph, On2, BBC (and anyone else) to release any existing research and documentation they have
    • Look for and document expired patents in this area
    • Look for people who will put their names to this project
    • Get 10k$ for Groklaw, to get started
    • Get 50k$ mid-term to pay for work-time put into it
  • Liboggplay:
    • We are not backporting/maintaining the liboggplay plugin for firefox 2.x
    • Need to focus on and improve seeking oggz_chop
    • Liboggplay needs Dirac support (get an experimental firefox build)
    • Better buffering with clips oggz_seek read ahead to give firefox duration and buffer info
  • Authoring Tools:
    • Identify things that people do in professional production workflows, which parts are covered with open formats, which aren't
    • Also identify little processes that can be done in Ogg and create little videos, e.g. for Floss Manuals
    • Make Web video editing software also export Ogg Theora files, e.g. using pitivi
  • Web Video Server:
    • We are deprecating mod_annodex in favor of oggz_chop in the long run
    • Need to focus on and improve seeking oggz_chop
    • Temporal URIs?: continue involvement with W3C? Timed Fragment group
    • Better Buffering with clips oggz_seek read ahead to give firefox duration and bufferinfo
  • Timed Text:
    • Need support both for in-line and out-of-band time-aligned text and accessibility ata
    • Need example files for all use cases
    • Need to specify ways of rendering each of these
    • Implementations of OggText?, OggSRT?, and itext
  • FFmpeg?:
    • Raise the release issue with the FFmpeg? community
    • Improve quality assurance processes
    • Mechanism to inform users about API changes
    • Make libavformat API more appropriate to users
  • GStreamer:
    • Make more convenience/high-level methods and API
    • gst-launch-0.10 should be smarter
    • Remove the pain from audio/video conversion (colorspace, channels, etc..)
  • Dirac:
    • Add Dirac support to Firefox through liboggplay
    • Add Dirac support to firefogg
    • Maybe integrate ffmpeg2theora and ffmpeg2dirac
    • Maybe create a libfisheye with Theora and Dirac similar to libfishsound, which will make integrations easier
  • Jack/gstreamer
    • Add JACK transport sync gstreamer pipeline.
  • Xiph OpenMAX IL components:
    • Choose an OpenMAX IL framework
    • Implement generic Ogg mux/demux components (instead of single Ogg Vorbis component)
    • Implement IL components for each codec (Theora, Dirac, Speex, CELT, FLAC)
    • Implement GStreamer OpenMAX plugins for each codec

The following long-term goals were agreed on:

  • Convince Open Source developers that publicly documenting stuff is a good anti-patent strategy.
  • In Liboggplay and in other Ogg tools, chaining support and playlists should be dealt with as basically the same
  • Move Liboggplay from RGB to YUV rendering.. because there is hardware support for YUV
  • Eventually, Ogg needs to become a file format that is too big to ignore
  • Need unique time-aligned text language, e.g. TDHT and OggTDHT?
  • Need specification for dynamic content selection and adaptation of video on the Web

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