FOMS is excited to announce that this year's workshop will be a major part of the upcoming Open Video Conference on 10-12 September 2011.

FOMS 2011 will take place as the Open Media Developers track at OVC.

The following sessions have been prepared:

In addition to these sessions, we'll be very flexible on making more sessions and smaller breakouts to focus on particularly difficult challenges. And of course there will be time for coding, since we know that progress is only made when actual code is written.

As in the past, we have again made sure that travel sponsorship is available to community software developers. We have several such sponsorships and encourage you to email us or OVC about it. Contact for any requests.

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We had an awesome workshop, lots of great minds at work and lots of discussions - see you again next year!

FOMS 2010 NY Team



This is just the beginning. Building a vibrant open video ecosystem will take passion and expertise, and the coordination of hundreds of open source developers worldwide.


We are therefore very excited to announce the first FOMS Developer Workshop co-located with the Open Video Conference. FOMS 2010 in New York will provide a technical forum for specialists to put into motion the energy from the Open Video Conference.

Since 2007, FOMS has created a forum where open media developers can push the boundaries of existing technology—and exceed them. FOMS is a task-oriented developer meeting. At FOMS, developers and tinkerers of all stripes gather to collaborate, code, and lay plans for future open video technologies.

Who should attend?

FOMS is for individuals and organizations that work on open audio and video software, specifications, and installations. FOMS is a unique forum in which to talk with like-minded individuals about common problems and how to solve them.

This year, FOMS will have a special emphasis on the new WebM format announced by Google, Mozilla, and Opera. We will identify and close technology gaps to help progress WebM towards a baseline codec solution for HTML5.

FOMS is highly technical and very hands-on, so it's not for casually interested parties. But anyone with an interest in the future of mass media should attend the Open Video Conference.

Sponsorship opportunities

FOMS is sponsored by organizations that understand the value of the tireless work of open source software developers. FOMS developers are working at the cutting edge of open source, royalty-free video technologies, and their work benefits the entire web. For details on becoming a sponsor, please contact

How to attend

FOMS is free to independent developers of open media software and non-profit communities. Professional delegates from companies with a background and interest are highly encouraged to attend. The attendance fee for professional delegates is US$500.

If you would like to attend, please contact foms-committee(at) or register online.

Attendees should briefly introduce themselves and the projects they will represent for the initial round-robin session.


Sunday: ITP New York University, 721 Broadway, New York

Monday: Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), Seventh Avenue at W 27th Street, New York

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This is the fifth FOMS workshop, but the first FOMS co-located with the Open Video Conference. OVC is a two-day gathering of thought leaders to explore the future of online video. The inagural OVC drew over 800 attendees from business, technology, academia, art, and non-profits. For more, please visit

Previous FOMS workshops have taken place the week ahead of, one of the world's largest Linux and Open Source developer conferences.