This this page is just to register public interest so we can get a sense of projects represented. The event-bright registration will serve as the primary registration tool.

You can edit check the foms email list for the password, or just sign up on event bright and we will add you to the list.

NameAffiliationAreas of Interestattending ( yes or maybe )
Michael DaleKalturaweb video, dash, live, EME, a11yyes
Zohar BabinKalturaopen source videoyes
Jeff TapperDigital Primatesweb video, DASH, MSE, EMEmaybe
Scott KellickerWowzaweb video, MSE, EME, captionsyes
Sebastian DrögeCentricular / GStreamer?web video, WebRTC?, free codecs, ...most likely
Steve HeffernanBrightcove / Video.jsweb video, DASH, MSE, EMEyes
Pablo SchklowskyJW Playerweb video, DASH, MSE, EME, HLSyes
Eric BoydJW PlayerDASH, MSE, EME, HLS, castingyes