Schedule Overview

A draft outline of the schedule - the final session topics will be determined on the day from the position statements and suggested topics on the FoMS Mailing list.

All participants will give a chance to introduce themselves and give a position statement at the beginning of FOMS. This includes:

  1. Who am I
  2. Focus and activity
  3. Current challenges and topics I'd like to see discussed

Take notes:

October 12th

TimeAgenda Table AAgenda Table BAgenda Table CAgenda Table D/E
8:30-9:00Coffee & Setup & Seating
9:15-10:15Position Statements
10:30-11:30session 1A - Captionssession 1B - HDR color spacessession 1C - media capabilitiessession 1E - developer tools
11:30-12:30session 2A - Livesession 2B - FOMS vandalism session 1C - open codecs and containerssession 2E - EME
1:30-2:45session 3A - MSE vNextsession 3Bsession 3Csession 3D - codecs & containers
2:45-3:45session 4A - QoS QoEsession 4Bsession 4Csession 4D - WebVR and 360
4:00-5:30session 5A - Player featuressession 5Bsession 6C - meetupssession 6E - Decode Errors
5:30-5:45Tour of Ellation
5:45-6:45Get-together to summarize the day & Group photo