Current List of Proposed Sessions

WebRTC - Tim Terriberry

New Codecs - Time Terriberry

Captioning & WebVTT - Silvia Pfeiffer

For the Web, WebVTT has been proposed as a new file format for time-aligned text-based cues. In comparison to other captioning formats, WebVTT has some missing features. This is a discussion about the problems with WebVTT and how we can fix them.

Video Editing - Gisles Boudet

Open source video editors have been appearing on the market now and then, but they tend to underperform in comparison to professional video editors or not appeal to professional users for other reasons. This is a discussion between open source video editor developers about the possibilities and features of open source video editing and what can be done to make a bigger impact. Some open source video editor are:

Collaboration between browser and media framework developers - Luca Barbato

Browsers make extensive use of open source media frameworks for their media support. This session provides an opportunity for browser developers to discuss what new needs they have from media frameworks and to discuss best practice approaches.