Position Statements

Michael Dale - Caffeine.tv - Interested in low latency streaming; want to learn more about HESP; What we can do to make LL http rollouts easier? Also interested in ingest protocols how WISH is progressing compared to SRT. Finally simplified cloud workflows ? Like lambda ffmpeg layers with VT.1 acceleration. Mux Chrome ad support

Joey Parrish - Google - Interested in how we can make streaming and playback easier.

Ali C. Begen - Ozyegin University (also Comcast) - Interested in 1) increasing the adoption of user/content/platform-specific client algorithms (and player features), 2) defining a common (agreed by most) user experience metric that is simple and versatile.

John Luther - JW Player - Syndicating content among OTT providers/partners is a nightmare, would love to discuss possible standardization there (please, no more MRSS), as well as around using web technologies to deliver device-interoperable EPGs?.

Scott Kellicker - Mux - Catching up w community. QoE? related topics. CMCD/CMSD/Distributed Request Tracing (DRT?). WHIP/WISH/SRT.

Rafik Mikhael - Crunchyroll - Productizing in-stream WebVTT? soft-captions / soft-subs. Possibilities and missing pieces.

Chris Kennedy - Crunchyroll - WebVTT? precision and compatibility for all features across players. Handling multiple codecs / formats and CDN traffic reduction/reuse. Anime / Artificial scenes / art compression fidelity in newer codecs vs. x264/H.264 / without huge bitrates. Upscale ML lossless from smaller resolutions esp for older Animated / CGI media that is sub 1080p or 480p.

Steve Heffernan - Mux - Beating the dead horse of web components in web video players. Standards for live metadata.

Luke Curley - Twitch - Media over QUIC.

Yuriy Reznik - Brightcove - Super-resolution in web-browsers: need consistent API and metric/model for the effect (e.g. MOS(upscale factor, ...)).

Will Law - Akamai - media applications involving WebTransport?, Media over QUIC, HESP, LL-DASH, LL-HLS, CMCD, CMSD, Content steering, finishing my Demuxed talk

Eric Boyd - Prime Video - Content protection - trusting devices, sharing compromised devices, faster deprecation of devices

Gary Katsevman - Mux - WebVTT?, Accessibility, video players, new browser APIs?

John Bartos - Twitch - All things MSE, especially adoption of MSE in WebWorkers?.

Jean-Baptiste Kempf - VideoLAN?/VLC - Demo of VLC.js with webcodec and interested in Quic.