Position Statements

Michael Dale - Caffeine.tv interested in cloud efficiencies to be gained by leveraging dedicated video transcoding infra. Interested in implementations of timedtext / subtitles on live broadcast with low latency.

Will Law - Akamai - interested in webtransport, media over quic, managed media source, CMCD v2, CAT, DASH/HLS

Sam Bhattacharyya - Streamyard / Open source contributer - Developing an open-source super-resolution library for web video, interested in players, the future of codecs on the web and the intersection of ML with video playback

Jean-Baptiste Kempf - VideoLAN? / FFmpeg? - interested in WebTransport?, low-latency and WebCodecs?.

Ali C. Begen - OzU? / interested in CMCD/CMSD, bandwidth measurement, real-time adaptation.

Chris Kennedy - LTN Global / Intersection of Broadcast TV MpegTS with Ancillary data and Web Streaming with full preservation of metadata, Monitoring both broadcast and web streams in a uniform manner joining them, General Broadcast MpegTS and SMPTE2110 connections into web streaming workflows, SCTE35 and Ad insertion, anything live linear streaming for broadcast TV style experiences.

Mattias Buelens - THEO Technologies - Interested in players, low-latency streaming, WebCodecs?, (Managed) Media Source.

Elijah Glover - Optus Sports - Interested in all things content deliver including CMCD, CMSD, QUIC, HTTP/3 & delivering linear video at scale. Built and run custom Terabit CDN for delivery of 2023’s Women’s World Cup hosted in Australia & English Premier League.

Scott Kellicker - Blank Canvas Video (Independent Consultant) - All things delivery, players, MSE++, Enhanced RTMP, Quic, CMCD, etc etc

Pieter-Jan Speelmans - THEO Technologies - interested in CMCDv2?, QUIC, DRM in WebCodec?, CAT, WebTransport?, Ad insertion,

Matt Wolenetz - https://www.linkedin.com/in/mattwolenetz/ - ex-Googler, MSE co-editor, W3C? Media WG Invited Expert

  • Interested in reconnecting with this community and finding employment opportunities.
  • Helped get Managed Media Source moving towards enabling MSE on constrained devices like iPhones etc
  • Proposed and implemented many MSEv2? features, short list:
    • SourceBuffer?.changeType() for seamless codec/container switching
    • MSE-in-Workers for enabling MSE API usage off of the main thread, Demo
    • Proposed and began experiments (Experimental in Chrome) for using lightweight WebCodecs? formatted encoded Audio/Video formats for use in feeding MSE (mse-for-webcodecs) to assist scenarios:
      • Transport overhead reduction, intermediate transmux (MP2TS? to a format supported by platform)
      • Might help those wanting DRM/EME for WebCodecs?-like scenarios in the shorter term, too
  • Lightning talk deck: "Recent" MSEv2 features..apart from ManagedMediaSource