WebRTC notes

  • Difference between WebRTC data channel vs. full audio/visual
  • Used for ingress, egress, distribution
  • Use case: video over video channel; video channel enhancement data over the data channel. Video enhancements are applied before painting to canvas
  • Codecs used currently: H264, Opus, VP8?, VP9?
    • Safari supports HEVC
    • Chrome supports HEVC on HW platforms through MSE; not necessarily through WebRTC
  • Desired knobs to add latency through encoding parameters
  • Interest in higher efficiency codecs like AV1? in the future
  • Any interest in HDR?
    • Maybe in the future; currently care only about bandwidth
  • Request: reducing number of round trips to initiate a connection
  • Request: reducing number of open ports required for a WebRTC connection
  • Some sites/servers can’t use TURN.
  • Request: platform rtc framework