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Call for Participation

Foundations of Open Media Software (FOMS)
Developer Workshop
Thursday 15 - Friday 16 January 2009
Hobart (Tasmania), Australia

Important Dates:

 Submissions open: 11th June 2008
 Submissions close: 15th August 2008 31st August 2008
 Notification: 30th September  2008 20th October 2008

What is FOMS:

Foundations of Open Media Software (FOMS) is a developer workshop to widen cooperation and interoperability among open source media projects. Meet and discuss your plans for the next 12 months and forge relationships with other developers to unwind the kinks, making open media kick ever more ass.

This is a call for participation in the third FOMS meeting, which will be held in Hobart, Australia over two days in January leading up to linux.conf.au 2009.

The FOMS meeting is organised by developers for developers.

FOMS caters for developers with topics of interest in and related to:

  • open audio & video codecs
  • open audio & media frameworks
  • audio infrastructure
  • web video (HTML5 audio/video) and crossover with open source
  • mobile video
  • open audio & video applications
  • open metadata
  • open media standards

The proximity to linux.conf.au allows us also to discuss audio- and video-related issues with the developers of Open Source kernel, networking and desktop systems.

How to attend / submit:

FOMS attendees will be developers of open media software from the community as well as professional delegates from companies with a background and interest in this space. The attendance fee for professional delegates is A$420 - community participation is free. Attendees are expected to have a background in open media software.

If you would like to attend, please contact foms-committee(at)lists.annodex.net and tell us why you should be there. Also mention if you require travel assistance.

Coincident Conferences:

Since FOMS2009 is happening the week before linux.conf.au, in the same city, you may want to consider submitting a proposal for that conference as well.

Travel Funding:

FOMS highly values its developer attendees. FOMS has provided a limited number of sponsorships for travel funding for the best developers since it's beginning. Further travel sponsorship can be achieved by being an accepted speaker to linux.conf.au. The Linux Foundation also has travel sponsorships to important events like FOMS and LCA.

Hobart by steph.a Hobart & Mt Wellington Panorama - Photo by steph.A
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