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Mailing List

Join the foms mailing list to discuss topics, talks and what other things you'd like to see happening at the FOMS meeting.

Organising Committee

Silvia Pfeiffer (Annodex Association, Xiph.org, Vquence)

Michael Dale (Annodex Association, Metavid)

Conrad Parker (Annodex Association, Xiph.org, Kyoto University)

Ralph Giles (Xiph.org Foundation)

Jean-Marc Valin (Annodex Association, Xiph.org, CSIRO)

Shane Stephens (Annodex Association, Xiph.org, CSIRO)

Lennart Poettering (PulseAudio, RedHat)

Hobart by steph.a Hobart & Mt Wellington Panorama - Photo by steph.A
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