Call for Participation


Foundations of Open Media Standards and Software (FOMS)
Developer Workshop
Sunday 17 - Tuesday 19 November 2013
San Francisco, USA

Important Dates:

Registrations: extended until 10th November
Travel Sponsorship applications: please register immediately - limited availability

Session proposals: open until workshop; scheduling on 1st day

What is FOMS:

FOMS is the Foundations of Open Media Standards and Software developer workshop.

It is an annual meetup of software developers and tinkerers of all stripes who gather to collaborate, code, and lay plans for future open video technologies.

FOMS provides a unique environment where both Web developers and browser vendors meet and discuss the Web platform as it relates to multimedia applications.

This year, the workshop deliberately takes place in between the W3C? Annual plenary meeting TPAC and the WebRTC World Conference in Santa Clara.

Who should attend FOMS:

FOMS is for individuals and organizations that work on open audio and video software, specifications, and installations.

FOMS is a task-oriented developer meeting. At FOMS, developers of open media software gather to collaborate on code and plan future technology to enable a future of open media.


This year, the Internet Archive has offered to be host of FOMS for which we are incredibly grateful. We will meet at 300 Funston Avenue, San Francisco, CA (map).

Topics of Interest:

Topics that are discussed at FOMS depend on submissions of discussion session. Potential topics of interest can be as follows, but are not limited to:

  • open audio & video codecs and codec optimisation
  • open media frameworks
  • open media streaming frameworks
  • web video (HTML5 audio/video, WebRTC)
  • hardware support for open multimedia
  • mobile video
  • audio and video accessibility
  • open audio & video players
  • open audio & video editors
  • open audio & video applications
  • open metadata


If you would like to see a particular topic discussed at FOMS, you should prepare a submission.

A submission contains a title for a discussion topic, and a brief session description.

Session leaders are expected to prepare a short presentation introducing the current state of the discussed technology and a list of open issues. There is also room for a brief demonstration to further explain the current state and challenges. The bulk of a the session will then be spent extending the list of open issues and discussing their potential solution.

Concrete outcomes of the sessions are expected. This will include at minimum a summary of what has been discussed, but preferably more actionable results such as bug reports, design documents, or specification text.

How to attend:

FOMS attendees will be developers of open media software and standards from the community as well as professional delegates from companies. The attendance fee for professional delegates is $350 - participation by community developers is free. Attendees are expected to be active in open media software and/or standards.

Attendees should prepare a brief introduction on themselves and the projects they represent for the initial round-robin session.

Register / submit:

Register to participate in FOMS at http://localhost:3000/foms2013/pmwiki.php/Main/Register. Leave a note in your registration if you are a community developer and require travel sponsorship and we will get in contact. Also leave a title and description of any discussion sessions that you would like to hold.

Travel Sponsorships:

FOMS highly values its developer attendees. FOMS provides a limited number of sponsorships for travel funding for community developers. The Linux Foundation may also be able to give you a travel sponsorships.