Current List of Proposed Sessions

New stuff on YouTube - Steven Robertson

What we've been working on since last year, what we think would benefit users and the industry, what we're hoping to do next.

My interests are: Web platform media support, interaction between media and network, VP9? and other new codecs, and the extremes of video coding (both the premium world of HiFPS? content, and the ultra-low-end emerging markets)

WebRTC gateways - Lorenzo Miniero

I've recently started work on a general purpose gateway: that is, one that is not explicitly targeted at a specific scenario (e.g., a WebRTC-to-SIP gateway), but one that has a core taking care of the WebRTC protocols and that you can tailor to your own needs yourself by implementing server side plugins. I'm also currently integrating Opus into Asterisk.

I'd like to discuss with other interested folks the challenges I've had to face and the ones that are still along the road.

WebRTC - Ami Fischman

Ami is one of the WebRTC developers at Google and happy to discuss any issues related to the specification or Chrome implementation.

HW accelleration of video - Ami Fischman

Ami is also involved in implementing video support making use of HW accelleration in Google. This should be an interesting topic to discuss for small devices.

New codecs - Timothy Terriberry

Tim is one of the core developers of the Daala codec and involved in the development of Opus, VP8? and VP9?, and other open source codecs. He's open to discuss any issues around codecs.

WebVTT evolution - Silvia Pfeiffer

WebVTT continues to evolve towards satisfying captioning needs. In this session I'd like to review recent changes and upcoming changes to make sure it's all implementable and satisfies user needs.

We will also discuss FCC regulations, and common non-captioning uses.

WebVTT implementation state - Phillip J├Ągenstedt

The state of WebVTT implementations in browsers, current state, future plans.

EME Encrypted Media Extensions - TBA

MSE Media Source Extensions - Jeroen Wijering

Browser support, HLS parity (captions, metadata, separate A/V, etc)

Streams - Rob Manson

There is a streams API being proposed at the W3C?: . I'd like to discuss how we can optimise the possible Stream Processing Pipelines available on the Web Platform.

Multiscreen - Jeroen Wijering

Brainstorming on standards & common uses around Airplay/Chromecast

JS API to handle media controls - Jan Linden (preferably Sunday)

We'd like to propose and discuss a JS API to handle media controls that control the media that is playing in the browser, such as computer media keys, voice controls, gesture controls, etc. In order to do so there is also a need to introduce the concept of media focus, similarly to audio focus in Android.