Dae Kim (Netflix)

  • Operations
  • looking at how to implement WebVTT

Ralf Muchlen

  • Internet Archive
  • Open Video Cheerleader
  • Reuse of Caption Files

Sebastian Dröge (Centricular)

Dennis + Martin

  • Lecture Capture
  • Current Problem: Synchronized Multistream Video Display?

Victor Cărbune (Chrome)

  • Implementor on Blink Rendering Engine
  • VTT Regions

Karl Rasche

  • Dreamworks
  • Across the management of pixel based assets, including post production
  • Open Codecs, mezzanine, raw
  • EME

Lorenzo Miniero (meetecho)

  • Realtime Multimedia Apps
  • involvement with IETF
  • WebRTC involvement
  • contributions with Asterisk, integrated VP8? codecs
  • PhD? - working on WebRTC gateway, supporting plugin architecture
  • PhD? - scalable streaming archictecture

Eric Carlson (Apple)

  • Working on WebKit?
  • Some W3C? WhatWG? group
  • WebVTT
  • Excited by what is happening with media, but also afraid of all the things happening in the web

Jan Linden (Google)

  • Product Manager on Chrome Media Team
  • Early involvement with WebRTC
  • Current with Audio - focusing on high quality audio

Jer Noble (Apple)

  • Webkit Developer
  • EME
  • Working with the Web Audio WG

Andrew Davis

  • DevOps?, Source Code Management
  • Interest in Encryption and Signing
  • Creating DHT in the browser

Ami Fischman (Google)

Loretta Guarino Reid (Google)

Michael Palacios (Google)

  • Captioning Youtube
  • FCC Requirements
  • WebVTT

Steve Robinson (Google)

  • Youtube
  • HTML5? Media Player
  • Providing multimedia experience to people with limited connectivity

Philip Jägenstedt - (Opera)

  • Working on Blink
  • CoreMedia? + VTT
  • Interest in Codecs

Boris Smus (Google)

  • Research Engineer
  • Gestural Controls for Media
  • Current - Keyboard Shortcuts for media

David Schleef - rdio

Aaron Colwell (Google)

  • Editor on MSE spec
  • Interop between browsers

Richard Leider (YouTube?)

  • Web dev + manager
  • Representing the user
  • Using Media Source, Media Extensions and VP9?
  • Concerned with access and experience around media

Diego Biurrun

  • Web
  • Media Management
  • libav + libdvd
  • Playing any kind of media through software

Thomas Levine

  • Data Science
  • Interlace - looking at video visualization and collaboration

Andrew Scherkus (Chrome)

  • Working on Chrome
  • Interop (both cross browser and different browser versions / platforms)

Matthew Schranz (Mozilla)

  • Popcorn Maker
  • Popcorn JS
  • Better way to teach people about video
  • JS libraries, working with media

Richard Eyre (Seneca College)

  • Implementation of WebVTT in Firefox
  • WebVTT processing specification

Tristan Matthews

  • SIP Phone
  • Multistream RTP
  • OPUS

Terran Vigil (Brightcove)

  • Transcoding
  • Codec integration
  • Live streaming
  • How to make particular custom

Justin Greer (Brightcove)

  • Bringing together opensource and commercial software to create a solution
  • Identify gaps
  • Figuring out captioning support
  • Figuring how to contribute back to the O/S community but dealing with the

Steve Heffernan (Brightcove)

  • VideoJS?
  • Adaptive + Live Streaming
  • Media Source Extensions

Oleg Moskalenko

  • RFC5766? Turn Server
  • Background in VOIP
  • Efficiency in media delivery across networks
  • Looking for feedback from users

Pablo Schklowsky (JWPlayer?)

  • Media Source Extensions
  • Text Tracks
  • Getting the software to work across all browsers

Eric Bowd (JWPlayer?)

  • Product Management
  • Keyboard Controls

Rob Manson (MOB)

  • Invited Expert on Kronos Group
  • Chair of W3C? AR Community Group
  • Feature Tracking in JS
  • ArrayBuffer? + Streams
  • WebGL? computer vision in GPU

Damon Oehlman (NICTA)

  • JS dev
  • Creating a WebRTC JS library akin to what JWPlayer? / Video.js is for video playback

Scott Kellicker (Wowza)

  • Streaming from Source A
  • Interest in WebVTT

Tracey Jaquith (Internet Archive)

  • Background in video processing
  • 15 Petabytes of storage at Internet Archive
  • Integration of Popcorn Maker
  • Word Aligned WebVTT Captioning
  • Gapless Playback

Jeroen Wijering (JWPlayer?)

  • Analytics for player
  • VTT + Firefox
  • Captioning Regions
  • SME
  • Implementation target for TV
  • Daala Protocol

John Luther (Chrome Media)

  • Codecs
  • WebVTT has come up a lot (at FOMS), time to get that sorted out
  • Amount of video
  • Better protocols

Timothy B. Terriberry

  • xiph.org
  • Codecs
  • DAALA video code + Opus
  • Would like to see the DAALA codec finished

Gregory Maxwell (Mozilla)

  • xiph.org
  • Codecs
  • OPUS
  • Refining OPUS implementation
  • Daala

Ken Harrenstien (Google)

  • 10 Years at Google
  • Worked on Captions
  • Autocaptions
  • Worked on Autoformat
  • Working WebVTT with Silvia
  • FCC
  • Pushed hard for WebVTT, but need to implement CEA608? and CEA708? requirements
  • Consistency for WebVTT

Michael Dale (Kaltura)

  • Open Source Video Platform
  • Implementation of front end code
  • Challenges - dealing with the browser alignment of some of the more advanced API

Sam Dutton (Google)

  • Chrome Dev Rel
  • Media APIs?
  • Interest area WebRTC + WebVTT
  • Developing simple examples for media in the web
  • simpl.info
  • Excited about the rise of media of the web

David Dorwin (Google Chrome)

  • Working on the EME Spec and implementation
  • Working on EME
  • Talking about EME and MSE

Matt McClure? (Brightcove)

  • Helps out with video.js
  • WebVTT implementation
  • Interest and watching the EME space
  • Interested in WebRTC