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Call for Participation:

Foundations of Open Media Software (FOMS)

Thursday 11 - Friday 12 January 2007

Sydney, Australia


Important Dates:

 Submissions open: 31st August 2006
 Submissions close: 31st October 2006
 Notification: 10th November 2006

Foundations of Open Media Software (FOMS) is a developers' meeting to forge cooperation and interoperability among open source media projects. The idea is to get key people together and thus further the cause of open media software.

This is a call for participation in the first FOMS meeting, which will be held in Sydney, Australia over two days leading up to 2007, in January 2007.

The aim of the FOMS meeting is get the right people together to take the next steps in open media software. Meet and discuss your plans for the next 12 months with other developers and forge relationships to unwind the kinks, making open media kick ever more ass.

We do not have many occasions where open source video/audio software is discussed and where projects cross-fertilize. The proximity to allows us also to discuss audio- and video-related issues with the developers of Open Source kernel, networking and desktop systems.

The FOMS meeting is organized by developers for developers.

The format will be as follows:

  1st day: Morning will start with short position statements with each group identifying their work and current challenges they're facing. Afternoon will be topic identification and breakout, or longer in-depth presentations about the details of important bits of architecture.

  2nd day: in-depth forward-looking workshops with some 40 minutes "what could be" presentations, and fixit hacking sessions.

We encourage submissions related to open source multimedia projects and open multimedia standards. Some suggested topic areas are:

  • open media codecs (Ogg Vorbis, Theora, Dirac etc.)
  • media frameworks (such as GStreamer, VLC, ffmpeg)
  • video and audio infrastructure (V4L2, ALSA, JACK, PulseAudio etc.)
  • applications (streaming, VoIP, video editors, etc.)
  • open media on proprietary systems (MS Windows, Mac OS X, iPod)

For information about submitting your abstract or proposal, please see

Your proposal should be submitted before the 31st October 2006 to be considered for discussion/presentation at the meeting. Notifications will be provided by 10th November, to allow you to take advantage of early-bird registration of LCA.

Please note that FOMS is supported by 2007, which you are encouraged to attend. For details regarding registration and accommodation, please visit the 2007 web site (

FOMS may provide travel sponsorship to select speakers, see http://localhost:3000/foms2007/Main/TravelSponsorship.

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