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The CeNTIE project is supported by the Australian Government through the Advanced Networks Program of the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, and the CSIRO ICT Centre.

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Foundations of Open Media Software (FOMS)

Digital media technology is at a critical moment in time, where a broader adoption of open media software will enable a better future for all of us. However, open media technology has not seen the same sort of uptake as proprietary technology.

On 11th and 12th January, the first FOMS workshop took place. We worked towards moving into the 21st century of media technology where people are not prosecuted for enabling a platform-independent access to content and where people are allowed and enabled to share free content freely.

The FOMS meeting was a great success!

We started the workshop with a brief introduction of all the participants and our work as well as the issues our projects are facing.

Here are our PositionStatements (including videos)

As part of the workshop we worked together at locating gaps in our technologies that stop them from working together as smoothly as expected, and at identifying new software that is required. We established short term and long term goals for the open media community, which we as a community commit to over the next year and which will make a difference.

Here are our CommunityGoals

The FOMS Developer meeting took place on Thursday 11 - Friday 12 January 2007 in Sydney, Australia before 2007.

Photos of the event on Flickr, tag "foms2007".

This meeting was supported by 2007 with venue and other logistics.

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