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The CeNTIE project is supported by the Australian Government through the Advanced Networks Program of the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, and the CSIRO ICT Centre.

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Open source media developers met and identified the next steps in open media and how we are going to get there. Discussion groups focused on particular issues and made a plan moving forward. The following are notes from these focused meetings followed by the specific goals for the coming year.

Issues & Discussion Groups

Short-term goals (6-12 months):

  • Promote the usage of patent unencumbered codecs such as dirac/theora and vorbis
    • Screencast codec - Use MNG
    • High level Ogg library - liboggz
  • Ensure general open source media info in Wikipedia is accurate and easy to understand for novice users.
  • improve cortado java applet
  • Get embedded theora player into wikipedia (initially using cortado)
  • Promote free media in creative commons & free culture groups.
  • Work together to quickly get the liboggplay library in good shape for native browser plugin deployment.
  • Get oggplay into the base firefox 3.0 install.
  • Look at perplex for a common demux API
  • Get community feedback on pulseAudio development to insure that it works for the majority of applications and user needs.
  • Propose GStreamer to people who want a common high level codec API
  • design a new standard Audio I/O API and find a good name

Long-term goals:

  • get annodex features into wikipedia (ie some easy participant usable abstraction for cmml)
  • Audio Infrastructure: a common recommended way to do audio for the future - best practices
  • convince FFmpeg to do releases or maintain a stable fork
  • start a common library for lock-free algorithms, ultimately to be in glib
  • design and develop a competitive next-generation, free video codec
  • extracting Speex's fixed point helpers. Aim to have a nice set of headers projects might use
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